Thursday, September 5, 2013


There's a twinge of dissatisfaction that, in spite of our best efforts to stay positive, keeps piercing our thoughts insisting on coming through. We're in a good place in our lives and everything seems to be ok. Yet, this feeling of discontentment lurks in our mind. It's time we listen to it. 

This negative voice in our head may be a sign that we have hit a plateau. It is the Universe saying Go ahead, dream's time. It is a call from our soul to make a change, to renew. The uneasiness we feel is talking to us: there's more to our lives. We should be stirred. 

Today is a good day to listen to the boredom and indifference we feel, to spin out of our inertia. Let's transform these feelings into the energy we need to reignite our passion, to turn them into the enthusiasm we need to go into the next chapter of our lives. Sometimes we need to listen to the negativity brewing under the surface. It is one of the ways in which Spirit arouses us. What could we do with what we know, what we have, what we feel, what we are able to do? What could we do if we take these feelings and turn them into inspiration? 

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