Friday, October 30, 2015


Begin where you are, not from where you wish you were. You are not there yet, but you can be. We don't start from the finish line. We start from where we are.

The finish line is our goal, our desire. It sets our general direction, but it is not our focus. Our focus  is what we do from where we are to where we wish to be. Our focus is where we have power and can make an impact. We set our goal and go from the starting line. Wanting to begin somewhere other than where we are can delay us, deviate us, confuse us, make us stumble and skip important milestones. Starting somewhere other than where we are is to cut corners and can limit what we can achieve. It can also deprive us of enjoyment, learning, growing, developing greater competency and proficiency and becoming more skilled. More importantly, starting somewhere other than where we are can discourage us for we make the process haphazard, chaotic and difficult. It breeds impatience and infuses anxiety into our efforts. This hurried version of ourselves is not the best.

Today is a good day to reassess our goal and where we are in relation to it. It is a good day to start from where we are. Let us purposefully find joy in everything we do. Let us focus on today. We are on our way and that is what truly matters.

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