Friday, October 9, 2015

A better life

A woman was planning to hold a garage sale. She was running out of storage space in her house and could use the extra cash from the sale for unexpected expenses that had come up. As she and her friends prepared the items to be sold, she kept putting items to the side. Maybe not, she thought. Maybe I will hold on to this a little longer. "Why are you keeping those?", one of her friends asked. "Because I paid too much money for them to sell them cheaply."

Some things keep us from moving forward, from having more. Many times it is something that no longer serves us. It is difficult to give up the years we put into a marriage, the money we put into a house, the extra hours we worked day-after-day, year-after-year, in a career. We don't want to throw away all of the time and effort invested. We are afraid of invalidation, losing our identity, waiving our roles as experts in a certain field, having to begin again, feeling lost, not knowing what to do and being uncomfortable. We hold on to things, people and situations long after they have stopped fulfilling us, giving us joy, having any value or opportunities to learn and grow.

Until we do – until we let go, give up, walk away from, go another way – we remain stagnant and fearful. When we let go, give up, walk away from and go another way, a better life unfurls for us, bravely. Courage is its own call. It beckons itself. It metamorphoses into an act of faith. It summons answers, clarity and a path from the space we have created. That space is willingness and trust. It overcomes fear and apprehension. A curious attitude surfaces and life seems new again. It is. When we finally make the choice to release what no longer serves us, we release ourselves to a life we'd much rather have. Today is a good day to muster bravery and follow the path to a better life.

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