Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Seed

This is our therapy. When life gets hectic, we head to the beach. There, he gave me a massage. I sat in lotus and completely let go as he worked the knots on my back. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breath. I was intent on not thinking. When I opened my eyes, a small crumb of something rested in the middle of my open hand. It was a metaphor. It was a seed.

Positive thoughts are powerful when they mean something to us, when we feel something good around and about those thoughts, when we have emotions that are congruent with what we think. Some days it feels close to impossible to align our spirits with a positive thought or feeling. Some days the world weighs on us and nothing feels quite right. Every effort we make on those days is towards carrying on, heavy-hearted, to keep up with our commitments and responsibilities. Our minds, spirits and bodies join in stress, confusion, sadness, anger, lethargy, indisposition and a sense of hopelessness. We vibrate low, giving off dragging energy, calling on to us more of what burdens us, more of the same. On days like this, a positive thought can feel forced and superficial.

How do we shift out of this funk? One seed at a time. We find one thing we enjoy and we relish in a good feeling around that one thing. We attach a positive emotion to it. We fully enjoy that moment. It is a seed. Nurtured with warmhearted feelings and emotions, it becomes the smallness that makes the day bearable for us. We begin to plant a change in our moods, spirits, frames of mind, temperament, attitudes, outlooks and circumstances.

Today is a good day to be deliberate. Intentionally find your seed. Pick a moment today, pick a good thought and attach your heart to it. Breathe it in. Plant it. Your seed could be a child's smile, a funny YouTube video, a kind gesture observed between strangers, an email from an old friend, your favorite something on special, a smell that reminds you of someone you love, a really good song set on the radio, among other things. Tomorrow, pick another good thought, another good feeling and, in time, you will create a habit of positive thoughts that mean something, can shift the energy in which you operate and make a difference.

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