Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We collide

As long as there is movement, there will be collision. Whether it is our elbows clumsily hitting the edge of our desks as we move about focused on the task at hand, bumping into others on the dance floor, backing up into our neighbors mailbox with our car, our lives colliding with the lives of others or our desires colliding with the desires of others, with motion there is collision. It is kinetic. We usually collide in opposing forces and direction. This shouldn't stop us from moving. The key is to keep moving, avoiding obstacles, deterrents and bumps by staying focused on our desires and goals – regardless of the motion or motionlessness of others. We stay the course.

Far from being an individualistic approach, keeping ourselves on track requires constant movement and commitment to our path. When we do so, we radiate an energy of productivity and positive action. Gains are increased for everyone for, with our activity, we encourage flow, initiative, liveliness. We inspire with our action. We contribute to our families, communities and economies.

We don't wait around for others and we don't try to keep up with others. This would trip us up. We move forward at our pace, consciously. Collision will happen, but, as we stay aware, purposeful deliberate and mindful, it will happen less and less. We flow, empowered by our determination and willingness and supported by our intention and Universal goodness.

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