Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Speech Impediment

Many of us would not consider ourselves to have a speech impediment, yet most of us do. I don't mean the physical conditions that can cause someone to have a lisp or the psychological conditions that cause stuttering. The impediment we carry is our own speech. What we say to others, to ourselves, our mental chatter creates hurdles for us, unnecessary obstacles that delay our blooming, the full enjoyment of our days, the relishing of our relationships. Our stammer comes from our negative self-talk, our criticism of what is, the judgments we utter constantly. The energy spent on heavy spiels and incessant talk take away our power. Our words, spoken and unspoken, arise from our thoughts and beget corresponding energy and action. Movement and creation start here. Stagnation too. What we say matters. Our best intentions are blocked by our pessimistic, critical, judgmental talk. When we talk of improbabilities, impossibilities, when we use words such as can't, hate or should've, we lower our energy and our capacity to create great things. We diminish ourselves with explanations and qualifiers and defeatist talk.

Today, let us help ourselves with our words. Let's encourage what we want to accomplish with positive speech. When someone pays us a compliment, let's say thank you and mean it. This morning, as we enter the bus, the office, the coffee shop, the school and any other place we go to, let's say good morning and mean it. Words are incantations and can make things happen or they can block things from happening – good or bad. Let us pass on vibrant energy today. It is in our hands and it is in our words the power to remove the impediments created by our speech. Let us today uplift our discourse to embolden, cheer, support, inspire and motivate ourselves and others.

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