Friday, October 16, 2015


In our fast-paced world, we tend to go from one thing to another without a distinction between one thing and another. We go from sleeping to jumping out of bed to the morning news to running around getting ourselves and others ready to jumping in the car to traffic to school or work or to school and work. And this is all before nine in the morning. We go on like this. A continuous stream of activity. We jump in and jump out with no awareness and we end up not garnering many benefits that can come from many of the things we do.

We go on vacation without breaking from work. We return from vacation and go straight to work. We meditate and, as soon as the chime goes off, we jump up and go. We do the same with journaling, prayer, walking in nature, yoga, swimming in the ocean, reading, deliberate daydreaming, having a good conversation, giving a presentation, talking with children, having a glass of wine, running and exercising, among other things. What if we stayed a minute or two after meditation or any other activity we do? What if we let the energy created or the knowledge brought about settle, sink in, before we prematurely go from one state to another? We could spark creativity, bring forth equanimity, find joy in our experience, fire up our imagination and our artistry, feed our vision, sort out our thoughts, assimilate what we learn, discover something new, find inspiration, understand better, slow down our heart rates, find satisfaction, gain insight, develop appreciation, and, at the end of the day, know how we spent our day. Isn't that better than going about in a frenzy?

Today is a good day to ease from one activity to another. Reap the benefits of everything you do. Stay a minute or two. Take a moment to think, ponder, reflect and enjoy before going on to the next thing.

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