Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Why we do what we do is not as important a question as our what. We have to answer what to understand why.

What is important to us? What do I want? What do I want to do? The answers to these questions are our what. My what includes my family, my love life, my spiritual life, my writing, my entrepreneurial goals, my travel plans, my financial goals, fulfilling work, time for leisure and relaxation, equilibrium, joy, prayer and meditation, my close relationships, sharing what I learn, contributing in line with my purpose, following my path and being well. My what is what matters to me. Yet, sometimes, I forget what that is.

We get distracted and sidetracked. We turn our attention to what we feel we are missing in our experience and to a limited perception of our circumstances. We fall into habits that pull us away from what we want to achieve. We also fall into gossip and get involved in issues that are not our concern. We procrastinate. We worry. We rile ourselves up. We are bothered by what others think or say. We get tired. This is when we should turn to our what.

Meditating on my what me centers me, realigns my focus and helps me see clearly. I get energized and the impediments to my what fade away. I return to a flow.

Today is a good day to remind ourselves of our what, to smile when we think of it and to bring our attention to it purposefully. Doing so will change the tone of our experience. It will also change the energy we give off. What we do will matter because it will be attuned to what matters to us and this will have a positive and significant impact on what we do, how we do it and what comes out of it.

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