Thursday, November 19, 2015


For many people, feeling invisible is an awful feeling. I should know. I have felt invisible many times. It is that feeling that you don't belong, that you are not valued, that others don't care. Yet, I have discovered that being invisible to others can be a good thing. This invisibility is different. It is one we choose, not out of a sense of separation, difference, or conceitedness, but out of a sense of purpose and reverence to what is important to us. This is not an exclusion, but an inclusion of what is essential. It is a self-disentanglement.

I have become invisible. It was not my intention. It was not on purpose. I became so after choosing many times to stay in, to focus, to go to the beach without an announcement, to listen from a distance, to watch from the branches, to disconnect from social media, to sit in silence, to remain in stillness, to keep my dreams private, to keep contact with a close circle of friends and loved ones–even if briefly. I don't know exactly when it happened, but it did and I am glad. After a while I realized, through the eyes of others, how much I had accomplished in a bit of time. I had less distractions and interruptions, which gave me space and time. I also received less conflicting and unsolicited advice, less opinions about my work and creative endeavors and less negative energy flowing my way. This allowed for clarity and discernment. I could see.

I could also be more present. My mind settled. I was able to let other things be without my involvement, especially those things that pull my attention but are not important and do not advance my path. This helped me rediscover what brings me joy and to make more meaningful and sincere connections. I cannot wait to reconnect with my wider circle of meaningful friends and family. It will be so much sweeter.

Invisibility can be a source of power. Being invisible can help us regain our sense of self, empowering us to achieve what we know is in our power to achieve. In invisibility we can be indomitable. We keep our power. We don't divert it. In invisibility we are not blocked, obstructed, or throttled for, as Frankie said to Grace, "...can't see me, ...can't stop me."

Today is a good day to find our haven within, to retreat into ourselves, to fill the wells of our spirits with inspiration, that we may find clarity, vitality, and the answers and motivation we need. With our energy spent on what matters, we can't be stopped. We will be seen, or not, once we do what we are meant to do. Meanwhile, we will stealthily work, create, learn, serve, give, share, and grow empowered in and by our invisibility.

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