Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Roll Call

"I am here."

Life gets hectic. Our attention gets divided many times throughout our day to the point we desensitize. We feel lost. We get lost. Time seems to consume itself in activities we don't quite remember. And then the day ends, another begins, and it seems to go the same way.

I caught myself in one of those moments. I was idling at a red traffic light looking out my window. I wondered what had I done all day. It was close to noon. I knew cognitively that I had taken care of many responsibilities. Yet, I felt out of touch. I whispered, "I am here." This helped me become aware of the moment – where I was, what the temperature felt like, the music playing on the radio.

I liked the exercise. I repeated it a few times during the day. Much like roll call, it is a calling of my presence to the moment, to life. Today is a good day to call on ourselves. Let's bring our attention to the moment. This is where we can enjoy anything, make a difference, be happy, make choices, take action, laugh, feel, cry, relax, taste life and breathe. Ask yourself, "Where are you?" Reply, "I am here."

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