Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I am seasoning. Not as in adding salt, spices or flavor to food, but as in being with the season.

Over the weekend, we had the beach all to ourselves. Miles of sand and shore were deserted. The sea had conspired with a gray day and a chill in the air. The sea was swollen. The tide was high and raging. The ocean roared in, then roared out. It was not quiet.

During the summer, the voices rise from vacationers and radios lined along coastline. The sea listens, receives, allows. This time, this season, it wants to be heard. It puffs, claiming space and solitude. This is no time to engage the sea at its edge.

I watched three young pelicans loitering on a tree. Rarely do they sit there. But they needed rest. Their experience is not enough for them to know that there would be no fish this time. The sea was tempestuous. The fish couldn't be. The sea had entered a new season.

And so it is with us. We season. We participate, collaborate, contribute, befriend, collect stories, laugh, do, perform, create, join, share, engage. And then we roar for silence, centering, a reclaiming of ourselves. It is necessary if we are to be sources of creation and creativity, music, poetry, lenses to beauty, communicators, dancers, teachers, healers. Today is a good day to be with the season, to let spring, summer and autumn settle at the heel of this time of the year. It is a good day to be winter as we would be winter. It is our season to collect ourselves. Soon, another time of the year will come and we will be ready for we have seasoned.

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