Friday, December 4, 2015


"Good morning. Rise and shine." I wake my son up at the same time and the same way every day. He hears me, snuggles in and gets more comfortable. "I can't get up," he says sleepily from under his bedsheets. Of course he can't. He's settling in, doing the opposite of what will help him wake up. So do we. We get comfortable in what was, what has passed, what no longer works for us while wanting to get somewhere or do something else. We stay, snuggled in what is familiar, convenient and comfortable, doing the same thing over and over, thinking the same things over and over.

What if today we splash some water on our face, breathe in courage and shake off our idleness? Let's get up and go. Let's choose to do something different for the sake of our spirits. Let's liven up, choose a different attitude, a different way of welcoming the day and let's go in the direction of what we want and where we want to be.
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