Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Through the cracks

The cracks are anger, despair, confusion, indecision, fear, sadness, mistakes, judgment, doubt, and pain. They are those feelings and emotions that fracture our sense of safety, certainty, tranquility, belonging, connectedness and peace of mind. Yet the cracks are also the slivers through which hope enters. Through them we can see outside to what circumstances and the state of the world may point to, which may increase our anxiety, or we can look inside of ourselves and see willingness, personal redemption, possibility, confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, curiosity, connection, power, and excitement for life. Through the cracks we can see darkness and we can see light. These ruptures in our personalities make us whole. They point to the truth of who we are. These fissures are openings through which we perfect ourselves, give of ourselves, receive, accept, do and think. Today is a good day to allow air to flow, light to shine and love to peek through our cracks, to look inward and see how beautifully the light enters and dances with our shadows. It is through the cracks that we will find understanding, empathy and compassion as well as joy, hope and harmony.

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