Friday, December 18, 2015

How are you?

Someone asks, How are you? Busy, we answer. Or Going crazy. Or Tired. Maybe we say something sarcastic in reference to how bad things are apparently going for us, or something negative. Sometimes we spill over our complaints to life in answer to the question.

Our answer sometimes has a second part to it which asks How are you? back. The reply many times comes charged with negativity as well. By now, not only are the two of us not well, we are dragging down everyone around us too.

We do this because we haven't channelled what bothers us very well or we haven't dealt with ongoing issues and so we bring them up to anyone who will listen looking for validation of our feelings and to share the weight of the burden. Yet when we are done complaining, we do not feel any better, we haven't changed anything, we haven't fixed anything either, and we have spread misery. We have passed on the negative energy. We would do much better if we stop glorifying how bad things are. We wouldn't have this constant need to gripe to others if we found healthy ways of venting what troubles us, of working with our issues, of seeking solutions.

Today is a good day to uplift ourselves and others by answering Very well, thanks for asking when someone asks How are you? If you are not well, try answering I am glad you asked, or Thankful, or Looking forward to what's to come. Make it a statement, a charm on the moment, a start on the future. If you need to talk to someone about problems that you are having, sadness or any other situation you are facing, seek someone you trust or talk to a therapist. Your wellness should be the focus, not the anxieties and troubles of the world. Go with the sincere intention of being well so that next time someone asks How are you? you can answer in a more positive way.
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