Wednesday, September 30, 2015

When tired, listen

I am tired. I don't say that out loud. I don't admit it to myself either. It's an old habit, one that stems from perfectionism and a misguided perception of personal failure and ingratitude. If anyone close to me sees it and asks, I will say it. But I never volunteer to say that I am tired.

Today, I am tired...and incredibly grateful for it. I realize that my body is telling me something. It is telling me to rest. My mind is telling me to slow down. There was a time I was not aware of this communication. Today, I am aware and I am listening. The miraculous side to all of this is in my vulnerability, my willingness and my acceptance. In my vulnerability I am supported and cared for. In my willingness, my circumstances are aligning and everything that is important to me is flowing. In my acceptance, thoughts are light, creative and uplifting.

Life has a wonderful way of synchronizing what we want and need with our experiences and our circumstances when we pay attention and heed what are mind and body communicate to us. I wanted family togetherness, personal equilibrium, productivity, enjoyment of what I do, laughter and well-being. I listened. I heeded. I received what I wanted and needed. I now feel connected, recharged, aligned, clear-headed and focused.

What is your body telling you? Is is asking for balance? Rest? Or maybe more activity? What is your mind telling you? Do you feel like your dragging your body, cluttered with thoughts, overwhelmed? Listen. Respond appropriately. Be well.

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