Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This is not a drill

This is not a drill. This is not a false alarm. This is not a dress rehearsal. This is a moment of action. In this moment, we put into practice everything we have learned on this path.

When our ego takes a hit, as in being excluded from a celebration or from an opportunity, find ourselves in conflict, as in having an argument with another, our teenager breaks curfew, our neighbor mows the lawn at 7 am on Sunday, the girls at the office start a gossip session, our husbands drink out of the milk carton, we get an email from our boss at an odd hour with an unrealistic demand, get cut-off in traffic, lock our keys inside our house, we don't get the news we are waiting for or our day doesn't go as planned, we don't react in our old ways, we respond using the tools we have learned along the way for this is the real thing. This moment is real. We don't pretend anymore. 

The moment to act with grace and a new awareness is not only in moments of responding to an external provocation. The moment to act with higher wisdom is also the moment in which we can choose not to fall into negativity, not to procrastinate our goals and the actions leading to achieving those goals, to have confidence in what we believe and a conviction in the course we have set for ourselves. This moment is one in which we exercise our ability to choose better, to act from a place knowledge, love, understanding, appreciation, strength and faith, acknowledging that all is well. 

Today, realize that this is real, that this is not a drill. Life is happening. Do not react unaware of your power to choose and act from your highest self. Today, act with patience, kindness, compassion, awareness, generosity, confidence, appreciation, responsibility and thoughtfulness towards others and yourself. We don't plan on doing better tomorrow. We do it today. 

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