Friday, September 25, 2015

Gravity Pulls

To walk on the moon. That is one amazing thought. I watch historical documentaries about astronauts in training and preparation for their missions in space. I find one of the most bewitching parts to be the zero-gravity flights. I have yet to see an astronaut in training or someone in a zero-g simulator not in pure joy. It must fascinating to be that weightless. It must be amazing to not be pulled by gravity.

What pulls us? What pulls us in burdensome ways? What pulls us that we can't be in joy? What pulls us down from higher states of being?

We try. I know. But the day goes on and we get pulled into drama, negativity, gossip, bad news, blaming, aggression, anger, fear, revenge, hatred, emotional outbursts, crisis and guilt. In those moments, fighting against the pull seems to pull us further down. Resistance makes us hard, not as in stronger, but as in difficult, indifferent and unsympathetic. It also makes us irritable, sullen and despairing. We lose our enthusiasm, our power, vitality and stamina. In those moments, the best we can do is acknowledge how we feel, breathe and choose another thought.

Today is a good day to walk weightlessly. When a way of viewing life, negative forces, pessimistic mindsets, others' attitudes and headlines of doom and gloom pull you down today, recognize the pull, accept how you are feeling (mad, sad, confused, tired, done-with, disappointed) and breathe. Choose another thought, one that will help you lift-off from the heavy feelings. Choose a thought of possibility, goodness, joy or gratitude. One breath, one thought at a time is all it takes to pull ourselves up.

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