Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Change comes about...

Sometimes we don't change because we get tired of life as it is, but because we get a taste of something good, better. We experience love, generosity, grace and are awakened to another possible way of being in the world, of participating in life, of experiencing others and ourselves. It feels like joy, like happiness, like something really good. Some of us have hit bottom, some of us have not, yet we have felt the wanting of something richer, nobler, more satisfying and fulfilling. We have somehow allowed some of it in and now we know better, we want better. But we don't know what to do. What we do know is that life as it is is no longer acceptable to us. We want more.

We may be tempted to make dramatic resolutions, intentions to change, grand gestures and take radical action. Yet, for now, we will do none of those things. For now we will surrender to this great feeling, this knowing, and trust it. We will nurture it and get clear on what we want. We tell no one. We don't explain or justify. We clarify, set our intentions and work through what we are afraid of. We create a vision and keep our focus on it. We come back to it every day remembering our feeling of something better. Obstacles start to fall away and a path unfolds before us. We walk it. We allow that taste in over and over again until it is our new life experience. And then we change. We become.

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