Friday, September 4, 2015

Backwards Meditation

I have John Mayer's Your Body is a Wonderland stuck in my head. My body is a wonderland. Yours is too. The chorus in this song reminded me how connected my body is to my mind.

A few days ago I was very busy. We were moving, my graduate courses began, I had a book to proofread and get to my editor, my son had appointments I needed to get him to, new phases are beginning at work that are exciting and require attention and a storm was coming which we now had to prepare for. My head was all over the place. At one point I noticed I wasn't breathing. Not properly, anyways.

Our bodies tell us so much. Our bodies know when we are out of stasis. That lack of balance can lead to chronic headaches, sleep deprivation, fatigue, increased heartbeat, muscle aches, nervous fidgeting, suppression of our immune system, inability to concentrate, skin irritation, inflammation in our joints and changes in appetite, among other ailments. Many times, before we are aware that stress and anxiety are overwhelming us, our bodies already know. We should, then, become attuned to our them.

When my breath became shallow, I became clumsy and spastic. I made silly mistakes and kept forgetting things. My energy became uneasy. My mood suffered. My body was telling me that I was thinking wrong.

Today's meditation is meant to increase our awareness of our mind-body connection and to bring us back to equilibrium. When you feel your body tell you that you are out of balance, take a few minutes to practice this meditation to come back to center.


Sit comfortably.

Place your right hand over your heart and your left hand over your solar plexus.


Close your eyes.

Think of something that worries you. What bothers you? Is it money? Is it work? Is it your family? What is causing stress for you?

Stay with these thoughts for a moment.

Feel the rhythm of your heart change in your hand. Feel your heartbeat increase as you think of your problems...

issues you are having with your children
you have no time to do everything you have to do
the plumbing needs fixing
the interest rate on your credit card is too high
your supervisor's lack of respect
you are not getting along with your husband
your house looks like it will be in an episode of Hoarders
your tired by 9 am, everyday
you can't seem to catch a break
the cable man didn't show up
your computer is fried

Feel your mouth get dry.

Feel your left hand barely move as your breath stays superficial.

Feel your hand over your heart get clammy.

Your body is reacting to your thoughts.

Now, take a slow, deep inhale. Count silently to three. Exhale, slowly.

Keep your hands on your heart and solar plexus.

Breathe slowly and gently in. Breathe slowly and gently out.

Bring your thoughts into this moment.


Focus on your breath. In... Out... In... Out...

Feel your heart slowly settle.

Breathe. Keep your mind on your breath. In... Out... In... Out...

Feel your abdomen rise with the breath.


Feel it empty with your exhale.

You are here. Now.

Your mind and your body are connected.


Stay for a few minutes. Stay with your breath.

Stay a little longer.

Feel your body sway lightly.


Feel the lightness of your body. The heaviness lifts.

Breathe. Feel the breath in. Feel the breath out.

You are now centered, composed, serene.

Appreciate your body. Appreciate its wisdom.


Take this tranquility wherever you go.

Be. Go.
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