Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The broken vase

On closer look, the lovely floor at the bottom of the fountain is made from broken pieces of tile. The colors blend so well, even though they are of different styles, ages and materials. They have come together to lay under this water and create something beautiful. So do we.

We come with our rough edges, our sharpness, our brokenness to harmonize with one another, to create, to become part of something exponentially greater and more beautiful. We come to add to the beauty of another and in doing so become more beautiful ourselves. We come to find comfort and to give it. We come to rise and to lift others into awe. 

As the vase breaks, we see the splinters of potential and possibility in the broken pieces. Today is a good day to recognize our shatters, cracks and fractures in others and so come to unity. We lay, edge to edge, welcoming, making room, allowing, connecting, cooperating, engaging, understanding, accepting, abiding with each other, prospering. In our diversity, we become one creation, one opus. Perfection is an illusion. Yet it is real when we choose to see wholeness, the meaning and the purpose of our lives fitting together. 

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