Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's your frequency?

There I was, sitting in a very nice restaurant among other creative, intelligent, successful professionals feeling sorry for myself. We were celebrating. Yet, I was holding a grudge. I was bothered by one of the people at the table. She was rude, inconsiderate, and clearly trying to get under my skin. She did. Because I let her.

When we walked into the restaurant I could feel her low-dragging energy and I went with it. She was angry about something, rushed, tired and resentful. Her demeanor and behavior grew out of those feelings. Instead of recognizing her self-doubt and uneasiness, I took it personal. Instead of rising above, I stooped right next to her.

On a quantum level, we are all one collective energy phenomenon. My energy is woven into yours. Yours is woven into another's. That other's energy is woven into yet another's, and so on. So when we walk around seemingly unaware, our energy fields are interacting with each other. We walk into a room and feel the chill in the air when there is tension, the sorrow of sad news, the merriment of celebration and the befuddlement when no one knows what is happening–we feel the vibes. This is energy.

Thoughts are energy and they vibrate high when they are positive and low when they are not. Low vibration thoughts keep us down, slow, negative, pessimistic. When we are on the lower rungs of the energy scale, we feed on outward approval and the emotional responses of those around us. Higher vibrating thoughts energize us and keep us positive and optimistic. When we are on the higher rungs of the energy scale, it's not that we don't care, it's that we don't notice what others think about us, we rise above.

At that table, when I noticed my low frequency, I snapped out of it. I upsurged. And that changed everything for me. This is what we need to do when we realize we are dragging in low and slow vibrating thoughts. When we expand into a higher vibrating frequency, we rise and others can rise above with us. At this level we don't bring each other down, we continue to uplift each other. At any moment, we can choose the frequency at which we pulse at. What is your vibe, what is your frequency today?

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