Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Taking fear out on a date

What are you afraid of? Do you know? Some of us know, yet many of us do not know what we fear. Still, we act in fearful ways–we worry, we are anxious, uneasy, tense and nervous. About what? Usually it is about something that might happen in the future, something we have no certainty of. The truth is that we fear something that is not real.

Take your fear out on a date. Ask it what is it trying to tell you. It may alert you to your procrastination, bad habits, overspending and other behaviors that have real implications on your career, relationships and health. This fear is your emotional system making you aware of what you know deep inside about certain matters. Once you understand what your fear is all about, you can do something about it.

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Other than dealing with practical matters and in situations of immediate danger, fear does not serve us, it cannot protect us and it robs us of truly enjoying life, of thinking creatively, of spontaneity, of feeling joy, of appreciating what is happening now.

Fear wants attention. Give it the briefest consideration and, after listening to it, realize what is pragmatically helpful and what is irrational. Then, let it go.

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