Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Green with calmness

He bought a new bucket. It's green–the same color green that's on the trim of the new mop and the same color green that's on the stick of the new broom. There's a cohesiveness in our cleaning supplies, a sensory solidarity. It helps. It really does. Visual harmony helps my thoughts flow.

I read somewhere that outer order contributes to inner calm. It's true. In a world where we can control so little, clearing the clutter, organizing our spaces–our desks, our countertops, our cars, our wallets and our closets–helps us think in organized ways. It also helps us prioritize better, use our time more efficiently and have better use of our resources. It helps us be more creative, more financially responsible, more productive and, of course, calmer. 

When our surroundings are in order, energy flows more freely. In the mess, the disorder and the clutter, energy gets stuck and we become stagnant. The negative energy stays in the nooks and crannies of our mess and fresh, inspired energy cannot flow.

Today is a good day to bring harmony to our surroundings. Let's please our eyes with beauty, order and organization in our homes, our offices, the spaces we breathe in. Let's wake creative energy up by cheering our senses. Let's appease inner conflict by finding calm and peace in our living spaces.

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