Wednesday, March 30, 2016


When everything on the list must be done, when things get complicated, when life gets overwhelming, when the clock keeps ticking shortening the time in which to do everything on the list, stop. Our tendency when we are drowning in too much to do is to push ourselves, insist on more efficiency, and demand more productivity. Or we freeze. Freezing is not the same as stopping.

When everything gets to be too much, we stop mindfully. We stop for silence and centering. We stop for an energetic shift. When we keep going in a frenzy, everything we do is tainted with chaotic and agitated energy. The results are disorganized, confused, draining and unfulfilling. But when we stop mindfully, our energy changes and that makes a big difference in how we feel, how we do things, and the outcome of what we do.

When we stop mindfully in the midst of all that is going on around us, all that we are doing and all that must be done, we hit a sort of cosmic reset button. To stop mindfully means to see what is, as it is, to recognize how we feel and let what is be. We come to silence with no demands, no requests. We come with a willingness. This is an allowing. We allow guidance and wisdom in. We stop perceiving chaos and start experiencing clarity, understanding, and heightened intuition. Obstacles fall away. Circumstances ease up. In practical matters, this means we see what is before us more clearly, we prioritize better, organize our time and resources more efficiently, and function more congruently.

Today is a good day to not try to change the madness around you. Let it be. Trying to change it will frustrate you. Take a few moments to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. That's it. That's all. Nothing more is required. Just stop and breathe. When thoughts drift away, come back to your breath and focus on it. Tomorrow, do it again. Preferably in the morning. Do it again the day after that. Create a habit of stopping mindfully everyday. Developing a practice of meditation is the stop that can help us manage everything that we must do and change the quality of the energy with which we do it.

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