Friday, March 18, 2016


A few weekends ago I took a Power-Down weekend. Not as in the power was out, nor as in having an equipment shutdown. This was a personal power-down weekend. The hyphen between those two words is important when they follow personal. It wasn't my personal power that was down. It was my personal choice to do so.

It was almost the middle of the semester. With an eight grader, a doctoral candidate and a master's degree in progress at home, schedules can get pretty hectic. Our environment can get sensitive. Add careers and lifestyle tasks, and it makes it all the more complicated. It can be overwhelming. On this particular weekend, we had school projects to do, mid-terms to study for, essays to write. We also had classes to prepare, chores to do, and errands to run. There was no shortage of important things to take care of. Everything was critical. We were busy. I was busy.

I was busy and excited for all of it. I decided to do none of it. I decided to power-down. I took two days to relax, unwind, and flow. I powered-down to basic functions. On Monday, I powered back up. I was rested, alert, focused and ready.

Sometimes we need to do less in order to do more. As the weekend begins, could this be a good weekend to power-down? What if we took time to relax and recharge before the new week comes around? Today is a good day to start to power-down to then power-up.

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