Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The courage to care

It takes courage to care. If we care about our families, we must have the courage to connect to our family disregarding other interests that take the time we need in order to listen, to accompany, to be affectionate, to be present, and to grow closer. If we care about our communities, we must have the courage to buy local, to participate in groups and committees involved in its protection and progress, to attend local government meetings and while there listen and speak up, to wake up early for clean-up efforts, to vote, to behave in more generous and humanitarian ways, to be active in whatever way we are talented, knowledgeable, purposeful, efficient, capable, and joyful in. If we care about the state of our world, we must have the courage to ask questions–of ourselves and others, to know our part and our contribution to the way things are and to possible solutions and continued efforts for a better world.

If we care about a happier life for ourselves, we must have the courage to examine our circumstances and the choices we make, to declare what it is we want and go for it, to choose differently, to listen to our intuition. For a better life experience, we must have the courage to express ourselves, communicate honestly, and demand higher standards. We must have the courage to upset the status quo, go against convention, remain true to our dreams, move forward through the fog, and explore new ways of thinking and feeling.

Today is a good day to have the courage to care that we may find on the other side of courage a better disposition of ourselves, better relationships, better circumstances, better experiences at school, work or in any other environment we are a part of, a better way of seeing, a better way of feeling, and a better life all around.
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