Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All plans aside

At the end of our last winter vacation, I was a little upset. I had set a writing goal and did not meet it. Vacation was fun. We went to the beach, we visited family, we played boardgames, we rested, we relaxed, caught up with some shows we had on our Netflix queue and caught up with each other. It made for a great start to the new semester. I was feeling good, except for missing my goal. It weighed heavily on me. My original plan included sequestering myself for one week to write during the winter break. It didn't happen. Yet it really didn't matter. As a matter of fact, sequestering myself would have been counterproductive. I can't very well write about the experience of life if I don't engage in it.

Life nourishes our creativity – personally, physically, in business, in art, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. We find inspiration in the daily grind. Interaction and connection with our environment does matter. We give, we get, we write, we create, we produce, we make, we compose, we choreograph all within the bounds of life. Once we embrace that, we are fed and supplied with the inspiration and the stamina we need to keep it going.

Today is a good day to be an active part of the life around us. Let us generously participate and generously receive. Solitude is a healing balm, yet, setting all plans aside, interplay with others becomes necessary to the full realization of our goals, dreams, and purpose.
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