Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Showing up

During my morning meditation, I had this feeling that my body was tilting to the left. I kept trying to come back to center, but then I would feel the sway again. Oh boy, I thought, today I'm leaning. I am feeling left-brained and I have so much creative work to finish. My left brain is fantastic. It organizes me and keeps me on track. But today I needed my creative brain to kick in. Then I reminded myself that creativity is as much about inspiration, muses, and the right feeling as it is about showing up to do the work. That is the invitation. Showing up is a call to the muses. It is a summoning to our creative spirit. Showing up means we are willing. So I did. I showed up.

Time and again I am humbled by what happens when I show up to the page. Ink flows. I don't judge, edit, correct, or censor. That comes later. For the moment, it pours out. It is a counteraction to the act of willingness. Inspiration comes out of us. It does so because we cooperate and allow. This is especially helpful when we are overwhelmed with work, creative or otherwise.

Today is a good day to show up to the page, the computer screen, the canvas, the chords, the barre, the empty room, the work to be done. In showing up we call insight, intuition, imagination, ingenuity,  inspiration, artistic expression, energy and radiance to come out and play. In showing up, in being willing, the work is done.

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