Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Celerity Spell

I have magic powers. I create spells, recite them, and magic happens. My favorite one is my Celerity Spell. It allows me to do many things in a short amount of time, faster than anyone I know. I cast this spell most mornings and by mid-day, my list of things done is an amazing display of check-offs.

I am kidding, of course. But my boys are serious about this. I can start and finish something in a surprising amount of time. For this, they have come up with an explanation: I have put a charm on time.

But there is no charm on time. There are pragmatic issues at play here.

I begin each morning with a moment to my Self. I start with finding center. It is there that I find equanimity, clarity and equilibrium. I ground myself. After communion with Silence, I pray, I envision, and I set intentions. Prayer as a spell. I then carry this steadiness with me. I am able to sort things out with a feeling of ease, keep my composure in times of stress, be creative without struggle, prioritize, and flow. I have found it easier to stay on task and to work productively. What they call my celerity spell is an ability born out of my meditation practice. I can see what I have to do, know what I need to do it, and focus my concentration in order to finish what I have intended.

Today is a good day to work on our powers – our powers of concentration. Multi-tasking will not help us. Focusing mindfully on the task at hand will. Something mystical happens when we turn our heart over to what we need to do, when we pay attention to what is before us. Let us center ourselves in silence with no petitions and no requests, only a willingness to do, to serve, and a reverence for what we intend to do. In meditation, we allow for guidance and wisdom. This is practical. No incantation is needed to achieve a higher level of productivity, with presence of mind and tranquility. All we need is a regular practice of meditation, in whatever form suits us, to achieve clarity and our highest capacity to create the lives we want.

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