Friday, February 12, 2016

A toast

Here's to the little things! Between here and there, let's celebrate "smaller" accomplishments. 

I was reviewing my planner, taking stock in what I have already planned for the month. I found a note I made to myself at the beginning of the year on February 15th's page. This day marks the midpoint of one of my goal's deadlines. Oh boy. I have some catching up to do, but when I do, I will celebrate. When setting our goals, it's important to set markers of progress that when we reach them, we may be encouraged by our process to continue, that we may inspire others, that our higher vibration may be sustained. These celebrations recharge our passion, refuel our resolve, and refresh our commitment to our goals. These "smaller" accomplishments are not small at all. They are what we need in the moment to rekindle our energy.

Today is a good day to see where we are in relation to our goals and dreams. Let us set dates in our calendars to mark certain points on our way to reaching a goal. Not only will it help us to stay on course, it will also be an achievement on its own. Let's include what type of honoring we will have in recognition of our accomplishment. Will we have dinner with friends, go on a special outing, catch a show that we have been waiting to see, spend a quiet day in contemplation, or buy ourselves a special treat? Any celebration can be toast our victory. What's important is that we keep at it, recognize it, experience gratitude and stay encouraged to continue. Here's to our goals!

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