Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Art kit

I didn't get a coloring book for Christmas. No, not when I was a little girl. I mean this Christmas. So I didn't color. I wanted to, but I didn't get the book. That was my excuse.

Many times we want to make art, but we won't until we get the kit. The kit can be the place, the silence, the tools, the time. We wait for the perfect circumstances to create. This is true of art, business ideas, travel plans, our dreams. And though we may need a few basic supplies or materials, what we mostly need is willingness. Willingness comes packed with faith, trust and courage.

Our art kits are our perfect conditions. They include supplies, materials, space, finances, the right light, available time, for the kids to grow up, for a commission, permission and approval from others, encouragement, a friendly atmosphere. Yet, we don't need perfect conditions to create our art, or anything else for that matter. We just need willingness. Go write, go paint, go weld, go dance, go slam poetry, go play, go catch through a lens, go sing, go mold, go shape, go strum. Just go. Just start. Magic will happen. Release the obstacles and the excuses. Soon you will find the perfect conditions for your creation. You are calling them with your willingness. In the meantime you will have created, you will have shifted the energy to one of possibility, you will have enjoyed making art. The creative process starts with a movement, not with a kit. Make a move. Create.

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