Friday, February 19, 2016

Peace – a meditation

Our minds give meaning to our experiences, to our reality, to our world. We can see things one way, or a thousand other ways. The way we see, the way we perceive, will have an effect on how we feel, cope, interact with others, perform, excel, sleep, do anything, do everything. Because there are so many ways to see the world and our place in it, it is hard to know which way is better, which point of view is best, in the many circumstances we encounter the moment we encounter them. There is one way, though, that can help us in any circumstance no matter how difficult or confusing. It is the way of peace. Peace is found in our minds. Peace tends to ensure the best outcome for all.

Below is a meditation that can help us recalibrate our energy and can help change our experiences, our reality, our world.

Get comfortable. Loosen up a bit, and breathe.

Take a moment to settle.

Intend for peace. Allow it to come through.

Take three cleansing breaths: close your eyes softly and breathe in deeply then exhale slowly. Breathe in again, deep. Exhale slowly. One more time. Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, relax the muscles in your face.

Breathe normally for a few moments. Keep your eyes softly closed.

Breathe in deeply.  Feel the breath reach in to your pelvis. Breathe out slowly.

Take a long breath into your pelvis. Breathe out, slowly.

Once more. Breathe into your pelvis. Breathe out slowly.

Now, breathe normally, with your eyes closed, for the rest of this meditation. When your mind wanders away, bring it back gently to the phrase I am peace.

As you breathe, mentally recite the meditation:

Peace in my heart. 
Peace in my mind. 
Peace in my body. 


Peace in my home, in all my spaces. 
Peace where I work.
Peace in my community.


Peace when I travel. 
Peace on my return. 
Each step is peace. 


Peace in the way I eat.
Peace in the decisions I make. 
Peace when I see others. 


Peace in the way I breathe.
Peace in the way I see and the way I speak. 
Peace in the way I hug. 


Peace in the way I look at the clock.
Peace in the way I look at the calendar. 
Peace when I sleep and when I awake. 


Energy flows from the thoughts of peace in my mind, from my Inner Self, outward. I am creating peace. 


Peace is warmly flowing through me.


I feel easy.

I feel calm.

I feel peace.

I feel peaceful. 

Breathe in peace.

Breathe for a few more minutes. Watch the breath in. Watch the breath out.

Breathe easy.

Relax for a moment or two before becoming fully alert to your surroundings.

Then go.

Be peace.
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