Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Typing slowly

I am typing slowly.

We can tell the difference between a frantic call or email and one that isn't. I am not talking about an emergency. I am talking about those calls we get loaded with urgency, tension, burdens and pressure. We become, in an instant, part of the drama. The intention, whether deliberate or not, is to pass on the energy. This energy then affects every action, response, reaction, feeling, thought and emotion stemming from it.

Artists, teachers, lawmen, secretaries, yoga instructors, baristas, leaders, copywriters, preachers, nail technicians, volunteers and others pass on their energy to others through their work, their art, their output, their speech and their attitude creating a wave of charged energy that affects others. It may not be obvious, yet it happens. This energy may be one of creativity, cooperation, enjoyment, camaraderie and excitement or it may be the low-dragging energy of desperation, discouragement, worry, distress, fear, doubt, mistrust and panic.

When I relate to others with a sense of urgency, what I receive comes with an energy that is frenzied, disturbed, worried and agitated. When I remember the difference between the frantic and the not, I type slowly, I speak slowly and I breathe slowly. I don't pass on the agitation. It changes what I receive and what I receive is usually more than what I expected. It's all about being mindful about what I do. I have learned that doing things in a hurry does not make me accomplish more.

Today is a good day type slowly, speak slowly and breathe slowly. Go ahead and smile slowly too. Uplift your energy before you do anything and raise the frequency of the collective energy. Whatever we have to do today we have to do anyway. Why not do it in a spirit of tranquility, equanimity, purpose, esprit de corps and appreciation?

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