Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let go, let in

Something happens when we let go. We make room. When we release our hold on attachments, we make room for peace, understanding, growth, awareness. Letting go of our bonds frees mental, emotional, physical and psychic space.

We hold on to relationships, ideas, beliefs, habits, thought patterns, fears, people, identities, pain, struggle, failures and other convictions that keep us stuck. We hold on to places, jobs and things. We hold on when holding on no longer serves us.

Holding on is important. It is important when we know with a deep belief that a great idea has been born, that a relationship is just going through a rough patch, that our teenagers are making mistakes and need our attention and affection. But when our points of view, our stances, our obsessions and our hoards keep us from learning, growing, moving, creating, forgiving, advancing, contributing, sharing, loving and expanding, we need to let go.

Mystically speaking, when we have the courage to let go of something we have held dear, we are provided not only with the wherewithal to do it, but we are rewarded. The room we make when we open up our hearts, our minds and our spaces fills with all new possibilities, opportunities, community and things. All we need is the willingness and the followthrough to let go.

Today is a good day to let go of that which is taking up our hands, our emotions, our thoughts, our rooms, our sights. Let go and welcome the possibilities of newness into your life.

Image found at cargocollective.com.

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