Friday, January 16, 2015

The glass egg

Many years ago I came across a glass egg. It was about the size of my palm. In fact, it nestled there perfectly. It was heavy, solid, crystal clear and had a vibrant-blue spiral running through its center. It was a beautiful piece you could get lost in.

A few weeks ago, end of the year reports met with holiday parties, school breaks, christmas shopping, a bout of walking pneumonia and government agencies' recess. Everything felt complicated. I was overwhelmed. I was feeling anxious, frustrated and angry. I stopped what I was doing and recalled the image of the glass egg. I shut everything off and out and became the glass egg. I imagined myself strong, solid, beautiful with a strong spiral core...

Find yourself a quiet spot. Take a seat. Be comfortable.

Relax your shoulders, close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Count silently 1–2–3. Breathe slowly out. Take another deep breath in. Breathe slowly out.

Breathe normally for the rest of this exercise.

Visualize yourself as a clear, dense glass egg. You are unbreakable.

Light comes in, streams through your strong, blue spiral core. You radiate light.

You spiral light in. You are stronger.

You spiral light out. You radiate strength and confidence.

Light spirals in, spirals out. You know what you need to know.

Light spirals in, spirals out. You let go of what does not matter.

Light spirals in, spirals out. You are balanced.

You are centered in your core.

Light through your core. Strength through your core.

Stay here a few more moments. Continue to breathe.

You are strong, light, and ready. Go.

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