Monday, January 5, 2015


I got a text message late in the day. It was from one of my clients. He had amazing news. Two days before the end of the year, he asked me to call him in the morning. He had a check for me – a check for a book I have not yet finished, a project that began a year and a half ago and has a few more months in its timeline. The text came unexpectedly. I did not foresee this. Not like this anyway.

I wanted this opportunity. I submitted my proposal for the book and let go. I went about my other business. And then I got the call. I got it. Yes! I started to work on the book, enjoying the research and the process. I submitted my draft and let go. My client and his client were thrilled with the material. This is it, I thought. And then there was a delay, a long delay. I kept coming back to let go, let go, let go. I did. I didn't let go of the work I did, my wish for the project to bloom completely or to be paid for the manuscript. What I let go of was my timeline, my way of doing things and my expectations. I didn't forget about the book, I just didn't think about it. I didn't hold my breath.

I didn't hold my breath and payday came early. I am starting the new year debt-free thanks to this opportunity. I am starting, too, with a deepened belief that we control nothing, that birthing our creations requires a letting go, that after we have done our due diligence, watching over the process is obsessive and thwarting. More so, I believe more deeply in one of the teachings of A Course in Miracles: Infinite patience produces immediate results.

As we begin this new year and we intend goals and dreams, it behooves us to let go of specific outcomes, of our insistence on our way, of doubts and fears. Payday will come to all of us as we intend with clarity, are open to possibilities, enjoy life and let go.

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