Monday, April 7, 2014

I can't imagine

We were having a random conversation in the car. My son asks me what my super-power would be if I could have one. I got curious so I asked him what his would be. Teleportation. Wow. I can't imagine that, but he can. And that is an exciting thought, for if he can imagine it, he can make it happen. 

Imagination. That's where it all starts. All the great inventions, the greatest poetry, the most magnificent creations, the awe-inspiring works of art, the most dramatic buildings, the most captivating pieces of music began in someone's imagination. Light bulbs, the Ferris Wheel, X-Rays, To Kill a Mockingbird, the Guggenheim in Barcelona, the Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, e-readers, pacemakers, and violins are all amazing things that began as no-things, imagined in someone's mind. 

We busy our minds with thoughts of impossibility, worry, failure, difficulty and fear and then we wonder why we are not creating, producing, or achieving what we want. With our mind focused on something else, it cannot tune into possibility nor synchronicity and we are not able to recognize opportunities and resources.

If we want to build something, write something, paint something, compose something or create anything we must entertain those thoughts. We must paint a clear picture in our minds of what we want. We must imagine. The word imagine comes from the old French imaginer–to sculpt, carve, paint. How poetic. It means to form a mental image, a mental picture of oneself. Can you imagine that? 

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