Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I tried. I tried. I tried again. I didn't fail. I didn't succeed either. I didn't because I didn't do it. I missed out. I missed an opportunity. And now I am thinking that maybe I have missed more. 

Many times we have a wonderful opportunity before us, we can do something we have always wanted to do or maybe we can build upon something great we have done before and we don't. We remain frozen. We procrastinate, find excuses, get sick, get grumpy or get busy doing something else. And then the opportunity passes us by. Why do we do this? We do this because we are afraid. 

We don't go for it, do it or build it because we are afraid to fail, to be judged, to make a mistake. We are afraid we will not meet our own expectations, let alone anyone else's. We fear not doing it perfectly. But that's because we confuse perfectionism with a virtue. It is not. Our purpose does not include a clause of perfection. It only asks that we participate, that we answer our call, that we give what we have. 

What if today we went for it? What if we took that first step and started doing, building, creating without any attachment to a particular result? What if we soften out of our frozen state? What if we then flow and do, build and create to the best of our ability? Better yet. What if we just started to do it just because we like it? What if in doing it we enjoy what we do? And what if the joy of it is the purpose behind it all? 

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