Monday, March 31, 2014

The good, the bad and the ugly...

To look at the world is to look at ourselves. We see who we are. It's not that we are crime, corruption, and failure. It's that we are fearful, insecure and selfish. If we see these traits in others, if we see it out there, we are recognizing something of ourselves. Just as when we see progress, opportunity and collaboration and we recognize our capacity to create, our strengths and our charitable spirits.

We see ourselves in nature, in our daily interactions with others, in what we find missing, in the attitudes of people around us, in what makes us smile and what bothers us. When we understand this we realize that everything that we interpret is a conception of us, of what we are capable of. We act in harmony with our view. This is important to realize for what we see and what we feel stem from what we perceive. We then act accordingly. If we feel the world is cruel, we act mercilessly. If we feel there are no opportunities, we don't prosper. If we feel we live in abundance, we share, contribute and progress.
Today is a good day to release your judgment. When you look out there, know that you are looking at how you think and feel. This is your interpretation, which emanates from your past experiences, upbringing and current state of mind. Being aware of this allows us to reconsider what we see and to act from a unifying view rather than disconnection, division and separation. This change in view can change the way we act and so change our circumstances.

We are what we see–the good, the bad and the ugly.


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