Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snip, snip

In the last few months I have let go of twelve inches of hair. I slowly realized that letting go of something I am so used to has helped me enjoy life much more. Having long hair did not bother me. I liked it. I considered it part of my personality. That is until I felt that letting go of it didn´t change me, it just improved me.

The same thing happens with habitual thoughts. We keep them around because we are used to them–prejudice, criticism, negative notions, thoughts ridden with anxiety, anger, paranoia and manipulation. Yet once we let these reactive thoughts go, a lightness comes over us, an openness to life. Less concerned with what we cannot control, what weighs us down, what really doesn't make a difference–the opinion of others, our opinion of others, the mistakes we made in the past, grudges, resentment, regret and our ideas of how things should be–we become free of our own self-imposed psychic burden. We then come to realize that we add these thought patterns to what we believe we are, but that what we really are is something else, beings independent of these.

Let us cut the excess. You don't have to cut your hair, but you can begin by trimming the worry, the anxiety, the concern for what has passed and what you cannot control. Cut, let go and enjoy a lighter version of you and of life.

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