Monday, March 3, 2014

Nothing's happening

You sit there with your eyes closed, fidgeting. You wonder how long you have been sitting in lotus, how much longer you have to sit there and why you are more anxious than when you began. You take long-breaths in, long-breaths out, you repeat. Nothing's happening.

Nothing is supposed to happen in meditation. This is all about making new mental connections and those don't happen while we watch. For some, things do happen in meditation. This is fine. What will happen will happen. Being quiet and still has a different effect in each of us. If nothing is happening while you meditate, then you are doing it right.

When I first started to meditate, I became more frustrated and anxious. I expected results. In time though, I came to crave my still and quiet moments. This was the only result I was seeing, the looking forward to meditating. Then I started to feel a recalibration of emotions throughout the day, a serenity when sorting out my busy schedule, a low-key way of seeing things, a milder perception of people and events, an ability to be in the present moment, and so on. After a while, while I was meditating and my eyes where closed, I started seeing flashes of colors, single eyes and other forms. I even feel energy about me. This doesn't happen all the time. When it does, it's fine. When it doesn't, it's fine.

Meditation is a practice. It is personal. It is different for all of us. If something is happening while you are meditating, then this is your experience and it is the right one. If nothing is happening, then your mediation experience is the right one as well.

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