Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's not that I don't remember...'s that I forget.

In the middle of an argument, I want to be right, I want to be heard, understood. Mostly, I don't want to be hurt–not my heart, not my ego. And it is in this very moment that I forget.

I forget that what I know is very simple–I am loved and protected. I forget that the being across from me, the one that I am arguing with, is also loved and protected. I forget that people act according to their own level of awareness–whatever it is that they are feeling at this moment flows into what they say and what they do. When hurt by what someone else does, I need to remember that the other person perceives me through the net of their experiences, feelings and thoughts–things I have no control over.

So what do we do in the heat of the moment? We breathe. We think one thought of love, of appreciation. This changes the connecting energy. We cannot hold a grudge and good will at the same time. When we bring in the love, everything changes. Peace is possible. Understanding happens. When we are willing to let go of I am right, Hear me, Understand me, we remember loving and being loved, offering peace and being at peace. When we are willing to let go of anger and of self-righteousness, we are propelled forward by Spirit, aided, loved and protected to heal an argument and the potential of hurting and being hurt.

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