Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In the tide

Over the weekend we went away to a place we have come to love on the west coast of the island we call home. We try to go there once a month, and every time we go we not only spend quality time together, but quality reflection time as well. It seems we all bring back a personalized lesson from the beach or a stranger or an experience we have along the way. This weekend my lesson came deep in water, laughter and family playtime. The three of us were tossing a Nerf ball while in the water. Each of us would swim to where the ball would fall–fighting, struggling and swimming against the current–for my son would call out a prize or a dream and whoever caught the ball would win whatever he called out. I had no chance against the two of them, so I stopped trying to get the ball...but then kept getting it! The waves would bring it to me. No kidding.

I am not surprised. This is my experience in life. A lesson I keep forgetting. It is the Law of Least Effort. When I am on purpose, clear on what I want, willing and aligned with my Highest Self, everything falls into place. Everything comes. Sudden realizations, synchronistic events, helpful information, materials, money, collaboration and more flow into my life and I am able to accomplish my goals. I have a desire and the Universe supports it. Struggling tells me that I am going against my purpose.

Today is a good day to accept what is. Don't fight it. Don't resist it. This is where it all begins. Stay attuned to your inner self and follow your intuition. Achieve what you want without struggle. Don't fight the wave. What you want is in the tide.

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