Friday, September 23, 2016

Yes (but, no)

The difference between achieving something we long for and staying in the dreaming, yearning and planning stage may just be our willingness.

We say yes to a dream, a path, a career, a relationship, a goal, a way of life, or to learn something new yet we block our possibilities with preconceived objections, limitations and exclusions. We will do anything for what we want, except for this or that (insert your own reason or cause here). When we do this, we sabotage ourselves. We call these reasons or causes deal-breakers. But what breaks the deal is our unwillingness. 

Should we be willing to say yes to everything? Yes. Yet fear overcomes us. This fear encompasses many things. Among them are the fear of upsetting the status quo, of making a mistake, of having to do something ridiculous, dangerous or threatening to our egos, and of not knowing what the outcome will be. There's also the fear, born out of our religious and cultural conditioning, of extreme sacrifice. We must remember that everything we go through, in one way or another, happens for us. Also, that what we should be willing to do is relative to what we want. More importantly, when we are aligned to our purpose, what we want is possible and what we must be willing to do, what will be asked of us, will not be something that will put us in a position of detriment, loss, harm, disadvantage, or struggle. 

If we enter anything insisting on what we are not going to do, we block ourselves and create precisely what we don't want. We confuse our intentions. Our focus should be on what we want, on being alert to the signs, and on our attitude. Our yes, our willingness, unfolds the path, does away with the obstacles, clears our way, and arranges our circumstances in order to manifest our wishes. 

Today is a good day to give our willingness to our intention. Let's then observe how the obstacles fall away, the path clears and our understanding deepens. Let's be willing to co-create the life we want.

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