Friday, September 9, 2016

Flips, changes and makeovers

In flipping a particular property, the new owners of the house hired painters, bought new limestone tile, marble countertops, lighting fixtures and cabinets, replaced broken glass window panes and contracted the services of a real estate agent. They had a great plan for this house. They, however, encountered a big problem from the beginning. It was an awful smell that permeated the entire house. It was so strong and unpleasant that the real estate agent warned them that it might make it difficult to sell the property. They walked around looking for its source without any luck in finding it. They felt it stronger near the vents of the central air conditioning system. I couldn't understand why, from the get-go, they didn't check all the vents and the plumbing to see what was causing the smell. Regardless, they kept pressing forward. It was close to finishing the upgrades and repairs to the house when the owner, almost haphazardly, came across the cause of the smell: a small, dead bat in an air conditioning duct in the kitchen.

The changes to this house would not have been complete without finding what was causing the awful smell. It's full transformation would not have been possible. The smell was too strong. It's a good thing the owners found its origin. Masking it or making other temporary coverups would have been damaging. The makeover would have been more fluid, though, had they gone through a more thorough search and clean-up from the beginning.

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In our personal transformations we are tempted, as well, to fix the outside, to make pretty what others can see. But real change entails going inside and cleaning out the old, smelly stuff that resurfaces over and over until we otherwise deal with it. Skipping the deep clean-up can cause rotting, create other problems down the line and attract more of what is causing the problem.

We can't be flip about change. For change to be transformative, lasting and rewarding, we have to task ourselves with the parts of our personality that are offensive, that cause us trouble, that reek, that are of poor quality, that will get in the way of a better version of ourselves. Today is a good day to identify that part of ourselves that we don't like, the part that we don't want affecting the rest of our lives in a negative way, that part that pulls us down and sabotages our efforts to better ourselves. This is not easy or pleasant, but it is necessary. On the flip side of this, once we have worked with it, we will find our self improved and alchemized. We will find our own evolution and a real personal makeover.

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