Friday, September 16, 2016

Wrong line

A few years ago, we took my son and my twin nephews to Disney World for their birthdays. When we got to the Magic Kingdom, we were given lanyards full of Fast Passes for many of the attractions. We were so lucky. This was great for we were able to skip many of the long lines at the park that day. One of the attractions we went to was Peter Plan's Flight. As we were exiting the ride, I caught a bit of an argument a family was having as they waited in line to go in. It seems they wanted to go on the It's a Small World ride, but, here they were, in a line for something else. As my family decided where to go next, I unintentionally eavesdropped on their argument. We are forever in the wrong line, one of them said. Yet, there they stayed. They made the line and got on the ride.

This is very common–to get in the wrong line, to get in line for something other than what we want. Moreover, we know we are in the wrong line, but we stay there. We then complain all the way. When are we in the wrong line? When we want to finish a project, but we go to the mall; we want to spend time with our children, but we get on Facebook; we want to have a better relationship with our coworkers, but we gossip either with them, about them or both; we want to enjoy more time with our family, but we keep accepting more commitments that require our time; we want financial stability, but we spend our money without a budget or a plan; we want to study humanities, but we enroll in law school to please our parents; we want to build a business, but we keep working for others and not taking the steps to make it happen; we want to be more positive, but keep dragging ourselves down with the same old speech; we want to be healthier, but we don't sleep enough; we want to know God more, but we refuse to meet him in others.

Today is a good day to to look at the line we are in and see if it leads to where we want to go. What change do we need to make to get what we want, be where we want to be or do what we want to do? What line do we need to get into?

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