Friday, May 13, 2016

Good old times

We need to go back to a time when things were simpler, when values were different, when we did things a different way. I have heard many versions of this statement from different people in response to or as part of a conversation on today's version of the world. The focus is on crime, family values, diversity, social media, kids growing up too fast, rampant drug use and more of today's woes. I have surprised some people when they have asked me if I agree. I don't. I don't think going back fixes whatever it is we think is wrong with the world today.

Change is. (Read: Change is period.) It is. It's constant, inevitable and necessary. Our resistance to it stunts our growth and makes us miserable. Yearning for a good feeling we had in the past keeps us stuck and keeps us from doing something in the present. We have created our present world with every decision we have made in the past. Going back does not guarantee us peace and wellbeing. But making decisions that will transform us into the best versions of ourselves can transform our communities into better, more peaceful, open-minded, humane, generous, kind, empathetic, and compassionate, positive action-filled reflections of what we want the world to be. The decisions we make begin where we are now. Memories are good, but we are not there any longer. We can only begin where we are. We can only begin with what we have now.

Today is a good day acknowledge what is, what we have and where we are. The past we seek no longer exists. The good old times can be the good now present. Let us bring our minds and our spirits here, this moment, in gratitude, awareness and hope. Let us do good, here, now.

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