Friday, May 20, 2016

Bad thoughts, bad luck?

We live in a time in which positive thinking and positive psychology are widespread, common and popular. Combined with ideas about how our thoughts create our reality, we may become troubled by automatic thoughts that are negative, worrisome, critical, and anxious, afraid that these thoughts may jinx us somehow, change our luck or doom us. This is not true, just as positive thoughts alone will not bring us out of an unlucky streak.

Fear not. Our negative, fearful, angry, and distressed thoughts do not suddenly turn into reality. For that to happen we need to involve our feelings, emotions, thoughts and behavior in a consistent way.

When we find ourselves in a funk and can't seem to break our negative or pessimistic thought patterns, we can help ourselves by performing an act of kindness or generosity. Anything we do that is contrary to those thoughts will short-circuit that energy and change its direction. Deep cleansing breaths can help us too by clearing the fog and allowing us to choose other thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors.

We can also add journaling to our daily practices. Journaling is a great way to release what we are afraid of, worry about, makes us angry, disappoints us, hurts us, offends us and causes us mental pressure in a safe place in which we are not judged.

Today is a good day to let our negative thoughts be. Let us acknowledge them and let them go. Our thoughts our not our commands until we add intention, heart, passion, energy and action to them. Breathe. All is well.
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