Wednesday, May 18, 2016


There is a Russian idiom that translates into "To shoot out of cannon into sparrows". I thought about this today as I angrily pondered whether to post on my son's school blog how frustrating it is to communicate with any of their personnel in the administrative offices. I have been waiting for over three weeks for a return call regarding a duplicate charge made on my credit card. I have left several messages. I thought that since they will not return my calls, a post on the school's blog would force their response. These public displays of frustration get reactions from school personnel, especially if they have to do with finances. I am glad I thought better, though, and didn't display my anger and dissatisfaction. My son has another four years in this school. If I cannonball my way to get a response, I may do more damage than good.

To shoot out of cannon into sparrows is to destroy, to do collateral damage that may ultimately ruin any solution or other possibility.

Knowing ourselves, understanding ourselves, opening up our perceptions, aligning our values and beliefs with our thoughts and actions helps us to respond congruently, lessening our angry and hurtful reactions to situations in our lives. We achieve this congruence through mindful practices and meditation. We reach clarity of thought. We reach congruence. We develop deeper intuition and understanding. Our reactions are minimized and our responses are equable, even-tempered.

When we shoot out of a cannon, such as when we scream at our children, bully or shame others into doing what we want, force issues to get a particular result, venomously manipulate or lie, coerce, physically break or throw things to make a point, and other rough and hostile reactions, we destroy relationships, our surroundings, and our bodies, and possibilities for solutions, creation and healing.

Today is a good day to take a few minutes to focus on our breath, in silence. Just a few minutes today. We can do it again tomorrow. And then the day after. Let us create a habit of quietly going within. Meditation will help us respond proportionately to perceived grievances, reach a level of equilibrium, and a healthier state for our bodies, minds and relationships.

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