Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The notch

There's a little notch on a wall in my dressing room that serves me just fine when I want to hang up my small towels or any small fabric item. However, many times as I walk by it, I catch my elbow on it...and there goes my mood. Scraping myself on something I know is there feels so clumsy and foolish. I get mad. I know it's not that big a deal, but, in the moment, I react with such harshness. I then get mad at my reaction. I get hung up on such a minor incident.

We do. We get hung up on things that scrape us – our image, our ego, our self-esteem. We get hung up on things that happened this morning, yesterday, a week ago, year's ago. We get hung up on things that really do not matter. And we stay hung up. Hung up, we do not move forward. We stay. We become stagnant.

Today is a good day to release ourselves from the notches that we have hung ourselves on. Let us be mindful of the present moment. Let's keep moving. Let us be productive and creative. If we scrape ourselves along the way, let us heed the lesson and let it go, let ourselves go.
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